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The Immune Support market is growing extremely fast right now and we know a unique hook is what takes so-so offers to winning offers. Immuno Defense 4x is a newer offer written by a top notch copywriter and it includes 2 upsells to bring your potential order value up to $304.68.  This has only been tested with a handful of affiliates up to this point.

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  • ​Immuno Defense 4x Main Offer: $179.80 (earnings $89.90)
  •  OTO #1: $84.93 (earnings $42.46)
  •  OTO #2: $39.95 (earnings $19.97)
CART VALUE : $304.68
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"4 Antiviral Foods To Add To Your List" Sample Email
(Be sure to customize it for your audience)
Subject Line: 4 Antiviral Foods To Add To Your List


Boosting your immunity isn’t that hard. It can be super easy—as long as you have the right nutrients PROVEN to boost all aspects of your immune system.

Luckily for you…there is an easier way.

Jayson, a Registered Dietitian, has come up with a combination of 4 simple nutrients—when taking together—can light your immune system on fire.

Not only does he take it himself…his whole family does too.

They are rarely sick—and if they do happen to “catch” something…

It’s gone in a matter of days—and not weeks like some people experience.

And today, he’s going to show you how you can take your immune support to the next level…

…with only 4 simple ingredients.

= = > Discover The 4 Simple Ingredients Jayson Uses To Bulletproof His Families Health


Subject Line: How To Protect Yourself This Cold And Flu Season


This year alone, over 38 million people have caught the flu.
Of those 38 million, over 400,000 people were hospitalized due to complications.

But the worst part:

Projections for this year are already showing this cold and flu season could be the worse one yet.

So, what can you do?

You need to take the steps needed to protect your health.

That might include:

…Washing your hands.
…Social distancing.
…Not touching your face, nose, and/or your mouth.
…And supporting your immune system.

Now, before you think vitamin C is the only way to support your immune system…think again.

This could be far stronger, and more effective at keeping germs and viruses from destroying your health:

STRONGER Than Vitamin C: The 4-Part System For Supporting Your Immune System>>


Subject Line: The Top 5 Nutrients You Need This Winter


There are certain foods, and nutrients, you need to keep you healthy all winter.

You need minerals…

You need fiber, protein, and healthy fats…

And you need the right vitamins to keep your immune system firing on all cylinders.

Only one issue:

Your diet—as it currently is right now—may not give you everything you need to boost your immune system. 

And this is why you need something else to provide the support your body needs.


Since we are talking about nutrients, here is one nutrient your body really needs:

Vitamin C. It’s one of the strongest antioxidants around…and may be able to lower inflammation and support a healthy immune response. 

I know I promised you 5 powerful nutrients….and there is one 1 here…

I just wanted you to know you where you can find the other 4 (click below):

The 4 Other Nutrients Needed To Support A Healthy Immune System


The Desperate Search For An "Immune Boosting" Miracle Email
(Be sure to customize it for your audience)
Subject Line: The Desperate Search For An Immune Booster


States have reopened…


Illness is spiking—at an alarming rate—which is making people question whether they did the right thing or not. And with more people getting sick right now…

People are looking for the "Immune Boosting" miracle. But will they find it?

Perhaps…but it’s highly unlikely.


A small Midwestern town is making headlines for their—HORSE FOOD.

You see…workers in this town are rarely ever sick, or suffer so much as a sniffle.

And if they do come down with something…they recover so fast, it’s almost like they never had it. Their secret lies in the HORSE FOOD they sift through, and breathe in every day.

Now…they’re ready to share their secret with others. Even crazier…

You just need a glass of water, this specialized horse food, and a few other select ingredients each morning to keep sniffles at bay…

= = > See This Mid-Western Town’s Cold-Busting Recipe Here


Subject Line: These Nutrient Deficiencies Will Cost You


You know that eating right is important for your health.

It can boost weight loss…

Reduce heart disease risk…

And could protect you from developing different illnesses—including the common cold, the flu, pneumonia, or sinus infections. 


Most people don’t get the necessary nutrients they need each day. And this leaves them unprotected…

…and with a weak immune system. But there is a simple trick to give you immune system the support it needs…and it only takes 10-seconds each day: 

The 10-Second Trick To Supporting A Healthy Immune System


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